Saturday, August 30, 2014

VF-11b lineart

Everytime I decide to do a custom paint or a colour scheme modification, lineart have been a great help, but sometimes finding it is hard and time consuming, so I decided to post lineart that I have done or found over the internet. First, the VF-11b, and followed shortly will be the SV-51, along with some pics of my work so far on that plastic model.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Evangelion 05 mass production gallery and review

It took me alot longer than I thought it would take, (again) mainly because of work and lots of time sanding uneven parts. and painting the kit. first the shots without wings:

Even without wings this kit can look awesome (just not right out of the box)

Of the box this kit comes mainly in white, just a few parts in black, you'll have to paint most of of it and alot of  times wou'll ask: why does this part doesn't came molded in black, like the weapon, that huge thing comes in white... why bandai why????
The fins on the arms, the armpits, upper knee armour, cockpiece, and spinal armour are not usaly painted in gray, but I decided to paint them to break the white a little and give more colour variation to the model, whithout making it look too colourfull.

It looks good normal, but let's be honest, everyboy buys this kit because of the wings.
bellow you can see the extra head and the back parts that need to be removed.

 This kit is hard to pose, the arms don't bend and they cant do a 360° turn, they don't even make a 180°

The head is practicly fixed in one place, honestly I dont even know why there's a pollycap in there, it doesn't make any diuference

the wings are massive, I bended them to give the kit a more lively and menacing look

One big problem with this kit is that if you dont mod it a little it will look stiff, the wings are flat, the arms cant bend on the elbow, and they dont modve alot, and the everlasting problem that bandai has with the left hand (they only include two left hands one closed fist and one relaxed hand) 

 The fit is not as great as we are used to in bandai kits, but this is an old kit and that's to be expected

 You'll have to paint most of the black, I ended up painting the arms, the wings the black parts on the torso, the lips, the only part were I used the bandai suplied decals was on the neck.

Like I said before I bended the wings and also painted the grey on the back part, I think it turned out OK

Another bad thing about this kit is that there is no adapter to put it on the bandai action base, so if your'e planing on posing this thing on the air, youll have to look somewere else or do some moding to it

It's hard to say something good about a kit with so many flaws, but with alot of  love and time, it can look great, just be aware of the posability problems, stiff look, lack of colour etc

My overall coments are: pick this one up only if you REALLY like evangelion and you have extra time, this kit needs alot of time to make it look decent, and more to make it look great, so keep that in mind.
My rating could be lower, but, it ended looking great, and the kit invetes you to experiment on it, so that gives the kit a few extra points.