Tuesday, March 29, 2016

1/72 White Glint with Vangard Overed Boost by Kotobukiya


First lets talk about the Elephant in the room, this was my first shot on this kind of modifications, so instead of trying things that might not work, I decided to do some kind of tribute to one of my favorite White Glints out there: the DC23 mecharts white glint, I heavily based my version on that one, but, at the same time I tried to deviate enough to make it look unique.

This was a pet project for me, The White glint was one of those kits that I wanted since I started on this hobby, but ignorant as I was, thought that it was a small and expensive kit, Now it's the opposite, The kit feels and looks massive (3 stands are used), and it is worth every cent I payed for it more than a year ago.

For this project I used Pla-plate and lots of detailing parts from the modeling support goods by Kotobukiya, lots of waterslides from different brands and sizes, every piece of the model has some added details, or has been modified.

Even the stock hands were replaced.

I also played a little with different weapons, I always thought that the White Glit could look awesome with some melee weapons.

But after that, I plugged the V.O.B. set, and returned to the stock weapons.

The white glint on it's own is an impressive design, but the V.O.B. set, adds allot to it.

The Glint is impressive from every angle, and with the added details and modifications looks like a killer machine.

After 4 months of building and experimenting this is the result and, there's no turning back, now, this kit is my new favorite, looks impressive and I'm really proud of the final result.
White Glint is the new Black.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

White is the New White Pt 6 (Final WIP)

Many Months ago I started with the 1/72 White Glint with VOV set and toda,y I finally finished, These are Mobile phone pics, quality is not the best but it might take a few weeks before I can shoot the final gallery for the Glint so, I decided to take a few quick photos and upload many other pics that were supposed to be for anther Work in progress post.

I hope you like the final glint, it was a first in many ways for me, and even if it took way longer than expected, I enjoyed every second of it.

The gallery will be up in one or two weeks, so please come back soon