Sunday, August 30, 2015


I'm proud to say that the Alicia Unsung it's done, it took me some time, but I think it's one of the most impressive kit´s I have builded, tomorrow I'll take the pictures for the gallery so you can expect to see the gallery/review in just a few more days, I'm super exited to show this in detail, that's why I posted this pre-gallery pics.

Evangelion 3 + 1

A new striking image from Evangelion 3+1 has been released, this is gonna be epic!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

This is taking forever!!!

I promised to myself that my next post would be for the finished Alicia Unsung kit, but it's taking me allot of time.
when I ordered this kit almost a year ago I planed to do every single detail, and i'm doing that, this is one of the most complicated and time consuming projects I have done, I wont lie, I have taken a few days off from this kit to meditate how I will do certain things, trying to plan ahead, and taking my time has paid, I'm in love:

the design of this mech is simply awesome, and you have to give allot of credit to the engineers that turned this complex design into a plastic kit, 
shure there are problems, allot of them, but the end result is so good that once you finish a piece you'll forget about the problems it gave you.
I'm decaling the hell out of it, and that's taking time, i was planing on doing chipping on the paint, now i'm not so sure, i love the way it looks so far.
also i have made a few modifications like the one seen bellow, I'm making the neck larger in order to see if the head looks and moves a little better.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


On the last few months my interest for Armored Core model kits have peaked, and as I´m giving the final details on the Alicia Unsung (decals, weathering and Top coat) I have found awesome stuff online, I even got my hands on some discontinued kits for a reasonable price. Most of the stuff that catches my eye is from AC4 and AC For Answer, on AC5 and AC Veredict Day the mechs look very much alike, the weapons are awesome though. on the opposite on AC4 and ACFor answer, the Mechs from each faction have a very distinctive look, but weapons were not as impressive or detailed, anyway, the only AC that really stands out in the ACVD game, is this one, the N-WGIX

This was the winner of the 2014 kotobukiya contest, the AC itself its based on the White Glint but as you might expect it is heavily modified, this had to take some serious skills to do, I'm no expert, but I think this is the best AC scale model I have seen. 

This is one of those designs that I have never undestood why they have not been made, I get that they focus on the "hero" stuff, but the game has no heroes!!! so why not make the best AC available? only the Kotobukiya guys knows why. 

As time passes by it's more difficult that kotobukiya decides to do a kit, it is a shame, as well as the diminished interest on the AC kits from the brand, I guess a new game could reignite the interest, but there are no AC games announced for the moment.

The future is not very bright for those of us who like to build Armored Core Kits, the one Kotobukiya is releasing this august looks good, but very expensive for what you seem to get, so I guess it wont sell very well, and that will reduce our chances of one day having this awesome mech in our collection, I hope I´m wrong.

Anyway if you know who made this and his/her site please let me know so I can give credit, also bear with me, I promise I'll upload some new stuff soon, work has been crazy and the kit itself is taking me more time than I anticipated, thanks for watching.