Saturday, August 15, 2015

This is taking forever!!!

I promised to myself that my next post would be for the finished Alicia Unsung kit, but it's taking me allot of time.
when I ordered this kit almost a year ago I planed to do every single detail, and i'm doing that, this is one of the most complicated and time consuming projects I have done, I wont lie, I have taken a few days off from this kit to meditate how I will do certain things, trying to plan ahead, and taking my time has paid, I'm in love:

the design of this mech is simply awesome, and you have to give allot of credit to the engineers that turned this complex design into a plastic kit, 
shure there are problems, allot of them, but the end result is so good that once you finish a piece you'll forget about the problems it gave you.
I'm decaling the hell out of it, and that's taking time, i was planing on doing chipping on the paint, now i'm not so sure, i love the way it looks so far.
also i have made a few modifications like the one seen bellow, I'm making the neck larger in order to see if the head looks and moves a little better.

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