Friday, November 28, 2014

VF-19A with high maneuver missiles

I did a gallery almost a yer ago from this VF-19A, but the photos were taken in a hurry just to be able to submit them for the HLJ conest last year, and I allways felt that those didn´t do the model or my work justice, this is one of my favorites so far, the YF-19 is my favorite mech/jet, but I have said it many times before, the stripes and colour schemes on Macross makes them look more like a race car instead of a high-tech military plane, so what I tried to do with this one was to make something at the midle, something flashy and eye poping but with a military feel and colours.
Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed doing it.
The first two pics are wallpapers on 1680/1050 resolution, if you use them, credit or a link to the blog would be nice: