Thursday, February 26, 2015


This is... I can´t thing of a word to describe this, awesome it´s not even there, a Work in progress and gallery of a replica of an executor by Spaceship Builder, the images speak by themselves.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Macross Fix #2 an old friend returns (VF-25S armored messiah)

I did the VF-25S armored messiah 5 years ago, it was just the second model I had builded and it proved to be out of my league at the time, but to be honest, it's the best Bandai kit I have done so far, it's just I didn't had the skills or the necessary materials to make this kit really shine, you will see allot of gaps on unions between pieces, unpainted parts that needed to be painted, some bad panel lining, some decals are peeling off and decorating, the reason why I did this gallery is because I'm indecisive, I might disassemble the kit and re-paint it, buy a new set of decals, maybe do some weathering. Another problem is that at the time I overdid the top coat and, that weakened the plastic allot, some pieces are breaking on their own. So, do I take the chance and try to repaint it? or do I buy a new kit and maybe keep this one for spare parts, maybe even give away this one?


Believe it or not this is the second time I transform this kit into battroid, the first time was a disaster, I broke some tiny antennas on the satellite thing from the armored parts, also scratched allot of decals, some other fell on it's own due to the low quality of the waterslides provided by Bandai.


Like I said, this is the best kit I have from Bandai, great fit, great looks out of the box, it is complicated, bulky and huge, but also very fragile, not for newcomers, if you're thinking on getting this one, be sure to build 4 or 5 models before. Mistakes aside, it looks amazing, even with my lousy paint and panel lining