Thursday, September 25, 2014

Logicoma Beat

Just to celebrate that this guy is on his way.

And if you havn't watched Ghost in the shell Arise, just go and watch it, it's awesome!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SV-51 Gallery and Review

One of the best kits I have builded:

Finaly I finished the 1/72 SV-51 by Hasegawa. A huge and amazing kit, definetly an eye catcher, not only because of the size and missiles but the complexity and eye poping acents on the silhouette, a beautifull kit with very few problems that are to be expected from a hasegawa model.
 First Ill tell you the mistakes I made on this one, they were heartbraking and on the final stages, first, the silvering on the decals, I didnt gloss coated because i've never had this problem before, ive had some silvering on just a few decals, but in this kit almost all waterslides have silvering, honestly I dont know why I didn't had this poroblem before... 

I like teh colour scheme that I chose, I think a more complicated scheme will make ot look less agresive, but the german gray with flat black looks awesome and stealthy to me. 

Hasegawa packs this babys with the kit that makes it look even more agressive.

the red accent "lights" break the monotony of the gray, one minor thing is that at the front of the canoppy where the three accents are, hasegawa only gives you the central clear piece the ones on the sides have to be painted, I dont know why they did that. 

If you are carefull enough youll have very few problems gluing the pieces together, with very little sanding

Another minor thing is that the vector nozles can't be moved, they need to be glued in one of the two options abailable.

As you can see this one is a good chunk bigger than all the valkires. It makes the VF-27 look like a harmless kite.

Definelty this is a piece of beauty.

Great detail everywhere you look

For my finel thoughts this kit is amazing, definetly not easy, it has the perfect mixture of complicated, looks and fit, as always Hasegawa could work a little on hiding were the pieces are glued, but with a fit this great youll have little problem hiding those areas with a little sanding, they could have inluded the three red pieces at the front of the conopy, for some weird reason they didn't, thsi one has no moving piueces after it's finished but theese are minor complaits with a kit that puors awesomness, all the panel lines look sharp and amazing, youll encounter very few problems with the assembly, definetly a plastic mpodel that its worth of your time and money.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lineart SV-51

Lineart for my current work in porogress thr SV-51

If you open this file on photoshop you should be able to see the layers, on the file bellow are some rough ideas I had for the kit.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SV-51 work in progress

This is my Work In progress for the Hasegawa SV-51

 this Kit is amazing so far, it doesn't feel overengeniered, despite that this is one of the most complicated kits I have builded from hasegawa

 Ther detail as you come to expect from a Hasegawa model is otstanding

Every part you put together feels right 

and even if thers alot of sanding involved it doesm't feel like a heavyu buid, so far on the contrary I have enjoyed every single finished piece 

Even the nosecone is interesting and fun to put together

so here is where im at on this build and so far, this has been one of the best kits I have put together, It's not an easy kit, but everytime you put together a pice with another, you'll see a great result.