Wednesday, January 13, 2016

White is the new white pt4. Masking Mayhem OVER!!!

I finally finished the details and main paint for the kit, there are still minor paint to do, some touch ups and little details but after a masking mayhem the paint is over.

The V.O.V. set needs allot of masking and paint, most of it comes in pearl white, so the piping, the main thruster, most of the details need paint, but at the end I´m happy with the result. 

I decided to paint the shoulder weapons gray with some details in Tamiya´s metallic gray. 

I like how they turned out, the decals and the scratches will make them look even better.

So, the painting is finally over, as I write this i'm waiting for the clear gloss coat to dry, after that Ill start the decals, then the dull coat, then the washes, panel lines, and pastels and a final mat coat to protect everything else. 

There's still allot left to do, please wish me luck with the rest.

Thanks for watching.