Tuesday, October 21, 2014

1/35 Logistics-Conveyer-Machine, LOGICOMA!!!!

I have some contradicting feelings about this little guy, the kit ended up looking OK, but at the cost of alot of work and twice the time that you should put on a kit this size.

First, this kit is small, but the detail is outstanding  
As soon as you start bulding it youll ask to yourself if this is worth the price. but, my last impresion is that it does, and I'll recomend you to buy one, the charm of this logicomas is undeniable once you paint this kit.

The color separation isn't top notch, if you do a straight up build youll havea plain red kit, for example the legs need alot of gray in betweed them to look OK and the ribbets are so small that you'll have a hard time painting them, for this price I think kotobukiya could have aded a few extra gray parts to go in between the legs, or maybe even decals, without afecting the price too much, This is a small and simple kit.
As allways Kotobukiya didn´t include decals so I aded some to give it a more "realistic" look 
So yes, this is an unfreindly kit for newcomers.

But a very charming one.  
On the pro side there is an outstanding amount of detail here.
Multiple points of articulation make this kit able to do some weird stuff and add some great options for posability
But the same great posability that has on the legs, is missing on the arms, the arms don´t have balljoints that, in my opinion could have been added whithout much effort ading a few extra parts to the kit.
Still, movement is very good 
The kit is plagued  with little gimmics, it has at least one on every limb

The "Pizza Delivery Box" can be posed open, but it needs to be painted, I didn´t paint it inside, so I won't show it to you.
On my final thoughts I think this is a little opperpriced but still worth it, oversimplistic at some points, but good looking and charming piece of plastic, this is a must have if you like Ghost in the shell. It's hard to not to recomend this kit simply because all of the gimmics and amazing movement. but be aware, this guy needs more work than it looks, also, a few decals will bump it up a little.
I give it a 7/10


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