Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ginkei (black)

A few years ago Koptobukiya srelesed this plastic model, and boy, it looks great but at a price of 
¥4800 its quite expensive for a kit this size.

This kit is small, from the front to the back is abot 16 cm

it includes a set of waterslide decals for the side wings and other details

One of things that i hated about this kit are the sidewings, they are suposed to make a curved thoing, but the pieces they provide to uniote one piece with another forming a kind of chain are not snap fit, and doesn't even fit, so youll have no help at all to make that said curved effect, youll have to align them and glue them at the same time, also this little wings will have to be painted before you do this, because they will hold together by just a tiny part of a tiny part, so yes, if you look at this the wrong way, it will fall apart, also youll have to align them while you glue then carefully putting the exact amount of pressure on the piece, if you put to much glue, it will ruin the paint, if you put too much pressure it will misaligne the pice, you put to little pressure and it wont glue them together...
Pure hell.

One of the great sides of this kit are the inside of the ship, it looks almost like a steam punk vessel, and that detail is what invetes you to pait it to make it stand out even more!

This kit has no gimmics at all, the one it has, that is to have the option of a landed ship, requires you to change the extra fragile wings and the extra fragile landing gear, so, it wont happen.

The gold parts need to be painted, the ones that come out of the box look like chaeap plastic.

You will need to paint some, if not all the kit otherwise it will look bland

If you dont paint this kit you can finish it in less than an hour, but if you do, it will take you at least 10 to 20 hours to complete

Another cool thing is the base that comes included with the kit, youll have to paint it, yes, but it ads alot to a cool looking kit.

Although it looks cool on my shleve, this is not wotrh the money youll have to pay for it, the price is too hiogh for a kit this small and with such poor design, althoug details are awesome, the negatives outweight the positives on this kit, so unless someone gives me as a gift another ikaruga model, or they become really rally cheap, Im done with this kits.

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