Friday, January 23, 2015

1/35 Tachikoma by Kotobukiya

It took me a while to complete this project, almost two months, and allot more in the planing and experimenting with digital camo, first I painted a cardboard box, then an Xbox 360 controller (I'll post that later) then another box, and still, I was not completely satisfied, I also did another quick project at the middle of this one. The build was not complicated at all, if you do a straight out of the box build it might take you an hour or two, but since I didn't wanted the blue factory tachikoma I ended up painting everything on the kit, this were the results:

This kit is even smaller than the 1/35 Logicoma, but with the same charm, its hard not to love this little guy.

articulation is highly limited everywhere and the wheels don't spin, don´t expect to pull out exotic poses out of it.

Details are awesome as always with kotobukiya kits, the fit is so tight that you have to be careful every time you paint a piece, if you paint the union pegs, you wont be able to snap the piece all the way in, it's awesome how kotobukiya manages to do this kind of fit.

Everywhere you set your eyes on there's something to look at with this little guy

It comes with a few extra parts like the grenade launcher, which I couldn't use because I painted it, and it didn´t fit anymore, No biggie, I was planing on displaying it with the Gatling gun anyway, for the clear "stand" you'll have to remove the eye that's placed beneath the cockpit, it also comes with a Makoto and a Batou figures.

I added a few details, like the cables inside the cockpit, and the holes in the Gatling gun, hands and other small pieces

there are not many gimmicks, but the ones it has, are very cool, like the cockpit

Makoto can ride inside the Tachikoma

My overall thoughts: this kit is a great addition to my collection, and if you are a fan of Ghost in the shell like me, it's a must have, even with the poor articulation and small size this charming piece of plastic it's worth the price.