Monday, July 20, 2015


More often than not the weapons are the most boring part of a Mech scale model, so instead of finishing your time with it with a bang, you end up with a boring experience, that's why for a time now i decided to never let the weapons for last, I do them at the beginning or at the middle.

The problem with weapons is that they are usually two pieces sandwiched together with a few extra pieces for details, no color separation.

this particular set of weapons took me allot of time because the lack of color separation, because that means that if you want to break the monotony of the color you'll need to mask allot, and I mean allot, I spent 80% of the time masking this things.

I decided to do the weapons for a future project at the same time, this kit shared weapons with it so, I went ahead and did those.

weapons in AC kits are highly detailed, and are very important on the kits, that's why it makes it even more painful the lack of separation of pieces

They took allot of time, I like the way they look, I'm still planing on applying some decals and weathering, but the time consuming part it's done.

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