Saturday, November 14, 2015

White is the new white

On the last month I did a little work on the VF-0D it´s taking shape, but I'm still not convinced, so I put it aside (again) and started on a pet project, another kit that I have wanted to build since I started on this, the Armored Core White Glint.
I stared with the boring parts, the weapons, and then the booster, the weapons were fast and boring, again just a couple of pieces sandwiched together. The booster was fun to build, a nice surprise because I expected something repetitive and boring, but, it was fun, as always with this old kits by kotobukiya the color separation is poor, and the fit is not the best, so glue, sand and paint is a must.

this thing will need allot of masking to allow a a decent paint job, but looks ok. This kit comes molded in a pearl white and a metallic black, it looks nice on the runners but when you put the thing together it looks sparkly, so those colors have to go. 

then after some work on the booster I quickly did the white glint, it is awesome, not as impressive as the alicia, but it has allot of eye candy, I did this to fit the pieces and to see if it needs some modifications, and, it does, first, I don't like the torso, it's too small, because of that the arms look too big, another thing is the neck, it's too short, that and, its to flat, it needs panels, intakes rivets and stuff.

the kit comes with 3 abdomen pieces, two short length black pieces like the one above and one medium white, so I moded the black parts and made them one long black piece by removing the base and gluing both pieces together

This is how it looks now

For the neck I just glued a 1mm piece under the piece, so it will not go all the way down

This is how it looks with the new abdomen and higher neck, I think it looks better

After that I've been doing stuff like gluing and sanding and some other little details, I wanted to do a post of this because it might take a while to complete this guy, but so far, it´s looking good!

On the other hand I´m super exited about a couple of kits that will come next year, for me at least this year was a little disappointing, the only tw kits that got me exited were the Wave Logicoma and theRG Astray Red Frame but this two kits got me kumping because I never expected to see them in model form, and they are from one of my favorite series Gargantia on the verdurous planet. I already preordered both, and I hope they do well to see more of this fantastic anime on the future.

1/48 Chamber by Max Factory (January release)

1/48 Striker by Max Factory (March release)

Finally, I have found allot of amazing customs for armored core lately, like this custom four legged Project Magnus love the colors, an outstanding custom.

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