Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Cyber-Hastur, Bandai Eva 00 Model Kit (Rebuild of Evangelion Ver.)

Finally I finished this one, a great kit overall, very cool looking one, I was a little sceptic about geting this one because I hate yellow, but scince im planing on buying all Evas, I bought this one and I was plesantly surprised  how this kit looks, articulation is good, but not great, and the fit is tight with some minor problems on the crotch and the torso, the things I didn't like about this Evangelion kits, are the dry transfer decals, waterslide decals are more delicate, but more forgiving at the same time, with dry transfer is easier to get a crooked decal and you cant move them after you aplly them, thats why I personaly prefer waterslide over dry transfer, you can have the waterslides in the exact psition you want them (as long as they fit correctly) but thats just me.
One of the very few problems I had with this kit is this crotch area, the white part is too loose for the hip part, but as you can see this can be asyly fixed by just aplying some cheeap masking tape around the peg where the white part will rest, and thats it, you also can glue it, but after I builded the Hasegawa YF-21 I hate doing it, so, this worked for me.

One of my many fuck-ups, (kinda, sorta) The kit comes with a metallic decal for the red/yellow part of the head that will never fit well in there, so I decided to paint it with gundam markers... and it didn't turn out that bad, but when I was panel lining, I didnt let the red paint to dry properly, so when I panel lined with a real touch marker, the paint instead of erasing whth a cloth it just stayed there, I think this is a minor mistake and it doesnt look that bad, I could correct it with another coat of gungam marker, but I didnt want to risk spills or any other disaster, so I decided to just leave it there, It doesn't look that bad, right? RIGHT?

I painted the clear top part with Tamya Clear green and under that, is the metallic green decal bandai provided, I like how this look 

When you start to start to put the torso together, some parts will slightly open, inside there, is a polycap and a ball joint, when you push the ball joint to get inside the pollycap, the "armor" will open making a gap between the parts, this one could be considered as a "minor problem" with the kit, but it's realy hard to re-fit toghethr, because the parts that open are inside 3 layers of armor but still visible, if you push any of the other layers it wont work and you will risk breaking the model, so I pushed them as much as I could, with two thothpicks.

The Rebuild of Evangelion Kits are far superior that the older evangelion kits in almost every aspect, one big complain I have with the old models and the new ones are the hands, with the new models you have way better looking hands, but with the same problems as the old ones, first, they give you 6 hands, 4 right hands and 2 left hands, none of the 2 left hands will hold anything, so if you want to pose your cool looking kit to look even cooloer with weapons on both hands, you can't, anther thing is, they fall off too easy and they wont hold too much weight, they fit to loosely inside the ruber arms, you may think ruber is great for articulation scince it's not slippery, but the ball joint on the wrist is not as big as it shoud be to work properly.
Bandai only boxed 2 weapons, the amazing lance of longinus and a pallet rifle, that´s it, the lance of longinus is cool and all, but realy? not even a progresive knife, or a gun?

I added too many layers of paint, and some of those I didnt let them dry enough before adding a new coat, so the new layer removed the prior one resulting in some lumps here and there.

the same happened with the bottom of the feet and, my masking work was less than stellar, so i guess I'll have to repaint both the lance and the feet in the future.

Next, a few pics of the finished model, hope you like it as much as I do, if you like the anime you'll love this kit and how it looks, even without any paint and with a few minor fixes, you'll have a great looking model, in fact I liked this kit so much that I gave it the Nickname of The king in yellow, or Cyber-Hastur.


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