Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The New Black

The tale of a 1/72 scale Vf-27r Lucifer Valkyre Kit
 For my very first post on this blog I thought it would be suitable to upload some photos of my very first build, I did this like 6 months ago and there were some problems whith this one, I broke some pegs and did some stuff that shoudn´t be tried on your first kit, (as painting the hole thing in a completely diferent colour) but, this kit came with some pink parts and decals, and for a Valkyre with the name Lucifer on it, pink is not an option, so, like the rolling stones said: Paint it black

As you can see, this one won't be transforming anytime soon becasue the paint job will scratch if I play too much with it, also, one of the turbine out takes/foot articulation broke when I sprayed clear coat on it, later I found out that the Tamya spary cans are to agressinve for this kind of soft plastic. The kit is great overall, building it is a pleasure, I love the non glue kits, they save alot of work and trouble, the instruction manual is easy to follow even for those of us who don´t know any japanese, on the downside the shoulders don't fit too well when transformed into Jet mode, you'll have to force them into place.
Overall I'm happy with the result, and realy proud to say this was my first model kit, even if it is far from perfect.

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