Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Update on the work in progress for the YF-19

Ok after doing the complete cockpit I did the main painting and then some of the details

i dont have the "burnt iron" colour so what i did instead was some titanium gold and the a very thined down flat black coat, I think it looks OK

The outtakes the feet and the barrels that go below the plane.

I like how the gun turned out, you can barely see the diference on this photo but the neutral gray and the gun metal made a nice contrast

the main body asembled and painted

Hasegawa thinks that we all like the valkiries on the ground, and they dont include any kind of "stops" for the landing gear doors, so I had to do some little modificatios.

here is how they turned out.

I pre-wheathered the wings woth real touck markers; I like how they look 

before the final assembly there is the need of aplying some decals on the wings and on the trusters 

It seems like we are ready!!!

aaand here we go, I took this photos just a few minutes ago, i glued the barrels to the main body and some waterslides 

also glued the wings on the trusters, on tha manual it says that you shopud glue the trusters first then the intakes and then tha wings, but there is no way that you can out the glue inside there once the trusters are in place, so I decided to do this first. 

so I guess next time youll see this fully assembled and maybe with the waterslides on, there are a ton of those to apply.
as you saw before im planing on doing some weathering and scartches, I also changed from tamiya mark fit to micro sol setting solution, and I´ve had alot of problems because of it, I was very udsed to the mark fit way of pouting decals but that thing never melted the decals, but you can be a little careless wuth the decals, with the microsol you have to be extra carefull, specialy when the decal is melting into place, if you touch the thing it will desintegrate, it already happened to me on a few spots, also, for some reason, it did nothing on the big black decals on the wings.

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