Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What am I building?

A little more than a month ago I finished the VF-25f with tornado pack, that model was so flawed that at some point took all the fun of the scale model building, so I needed a few weeks before starting the next project, wich happens to be my faforite valkyre the Issamu Dyson YF-19:

My plan was to update this blog every week or two, but I havent been able to squeeze some time to work on this plane and a weekly update on this build would be something like, look i painted a feet!!! so after a month this is all I have:

I decided to do a two seater and forgot to do some weathering on them...
oh well, from the moment I ordered thos kit I knew I would had to do it again some time in the future, maybe, if one day I buy an airbrush ill order a 1/48 YF-19

Hasegawa gives you the parts to do this but the space on the back is very reduced so, I had to cut the feet off the co-pilot, also trim away the sides of the backseat console, because as i was testing the fit on the main body, I found that the console is too wide to fit inside the cabin, bad hasegawa, bad!!

so that's it for now, I'll try to have something more done this week, hoping I'll have enough for an update.

oh and I finally got my hands on a RVF-25, I´ve been wanting that kit for almost a year, and I finally got one, the decals are insane on that thing, but, ill keep you posted when I start with that kit.

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