Sunday, March 2, 2014

I saw red ( Work in progress for the EVA 02 and the VF-11b(

It may seen that I havent done much on the EVA02 and VF-11b but i decided to take it slow and get rid off the seamlines.

As you can see fist i applyed cement let it cure and after that i sanded the part, and that is why this is taking so much time, every part needs at least 1 hour after the cement is set, after that I need to sand the piece three times before its ready and that takes alot of time.

A close up of the leg the upper part and knee joint are done, the lower part only has been sanded once

here itt is all sanded and ready

I have to paint this little jaw, and it needs 4 diferent colours... this might be fun (NOT)
The "finished" legs

This is all I've been able to do for the VF-11b, Im not good at multytasking so I wont be trying it again, Ill finish the gun and after that ill concentrate on the EVA

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