Saturday, March 15, 2014

Evangelion Production Model 02 Gamma

I't took me 3 weeks to finish this kit, but finally here it is the gallery/review for the Bandai Evangelion Production Model 02 Gamma:

Overall it is a great kit the usual bandai quality it terms of the plastic itself, it is what this company always does, tight fit, but not too much attention to detail, and the thing that I don´t like at all about the evangelion kits the hands..

This kit took me allot of time, but i decided to add cement and sand almost every single part of the limbs. 

Even without paint or cement you'll have a great looking kit, if you decide not to glue the pieces, the fit is almost perfect, because of that the line between pieces will be almost invisible.

This new envagelion units are taller and bulkier that their predecessors, a nice touch if you ask me.

on the con list first as always are the hands, this kit comes with one right arm and three hands for it, and three left arms, one left hand... oh and that left hand is not meant to hold any weapon... WHAT THE HELL BANDAI????
they give you a sword that can be split in half, but no means to hold both swords at the same time, that its just stupid, and bandai has been making this same mistake with Evangelion since the very first ones.

another thing I don't like is the color separation on some parts like the shoulder armor bandai give you a decal for the upper red instead a piece of plastic and for the rear red part you'll have to paint than, not even a decal like in the old days.

this kit could also improve if it had some clear parts like on the eyes and the lights on the torso.

Articulation it's great, the left arm, the one with the claw has limited movement on the shoulder, but that's to be expected.

Legs also have great articulation with the exception on the feet, due to the armor around them, they barely move.

I miss the chicken neck.


this kit it´s a classic bandai kit, looks great even if you don't do too much work on it, and the classic mistakes from bandai, the hands are the worst of them all and they have been doing the same mistake for more than 10 years, so I guess when they release unit 13 (if they ever do it) they will include the 4 arms 10 right hands and one left hand.

My score for this kit is a 7 out of 10
Rememeber this is just a personal opinion i'm not a pro in neither doing a reviews for model kits or building them.


  1. Hi, sorry to comment on such an old post but I enjoyed this review and seeing what you were able to do with the kit. I was also wondering if you could help me with paint selection for it? I just got the kit and I have no idea what brand/colours the instructions refer to. I aim to keep it a simple build but painting the head details and some of the red areas is on my list. Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

    1. No problem, for this kit I also kept it simple, I only painted the details and the only decal I used was the one for the shoulder, tamiya paints were used on this one, red, yellow, metallic gray, flat aluminium, for the lights on the torso and head i used chrome silver and on top of that, clear red for one of the bottom right eye the rest of the eyes and lights are clear green, please let me know if you have any more questions, I'm happy to help.

  2. FINALLY i have been looking for ANYTHING on this one for a while...i found a video on the other one (with the hookshot-arm by the other company) but it was THIS one i was most curious about (cuzz look at dem sick Gatlingun)...Also why hasn't any company made a "beast" version of this one?

  3. have this kit, but just got it as a second hand kit, and the fin dont have the union to the shoulder... so do you have a picture of that part of the manual?