Sunday, April 27, 2014

VF-11b (work in progress)

I've done some advances on this kit, but it's taking too long to complete, mainly because of work and the fact that I need to re-suply some of my modeling materials, and to do that I need time, also, I wanted to do something diferent with the strpe pattern, but I never came up with any nice idea for this model, oh, by the way, lineart has been very helpfull when I do custom colour scheemes, so I'll try to post some as soon as I get my hands on the images, so here it is, my progress on two (maybe three?) months of work on the hasegawa 1/72 VF-11b

so far I dont have any complaint about this kit with the exeption of having too many "extra parts" small pieces that could be part of the biger piece where its assembled, this kit has lots of those.

when I ran out of cement I tried to but another bottle of it, but the store ran out, so I bought the tamiuyas extra thin cement, and I must say it works like a charm, but sometimes you will still want to use the normal cement on some parts.

I'm hoping my next post about this kit will be when it's completed, if work keeps 

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