Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kotobukiya's next stuff that catches my eye

After the last order I made I was thinking on taking a break from modeling once I finish with the kits, maily because I didn´t saw anything interesting for me and the kits I wanted were discontinued.  Kotobukiya doesn't want me to take a break, some of this new anouncements look awesome!

I'm not a big fan of the Armored Core V designs, but this one looks amazing so, I´m in!

Megahouse released this (or is about to) as a toy, but kotobukiya will release it as a model kit, I like the series allot, I'm not crazy about this particular mech design but I might get it if the price is right just because I like the anime and in anticipation of the release of some other mechs of the series.

Gold Four is my least favorite design of Majestic Prince, but still unique looking, I will get this, but, I'll still rant about why they didn't release Blue One instead?

This was announced a few months ago, I'm not sure about it, it seems that the price is too high, we'll see how the eva 13 goes, I haven't read good things about it and this is basically the same kit with horns on the shoulders and a big halo, so far, I think I might pass on this one, but I'll see once I finish unit 13.

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