Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Alicia Unsung WIP1

I thought that I was never going to do a work in progress post again, but after the latest VF-0C fiasco, I had to share what I've been doing because, it's so damn cool but it's time consuming the  new project is the 1/72 Kotobukiya Alicia Unsung.

The kit comes in a cool metallic black runners, if you don't mind the lines where the two pieces join the kit looks great even without paint, i decided to paint it, at this point I cant stand those lines, but also there are allot of details screaming to be painted, so, Im painting everything, I changed the metallic black for a German gray and flat black scheme, and Im painting all the little details to pop em up,  I'm not rushing this one and so far I'm happy with the preliminary result.

Also, I've been cleaning the VF-0C

Also, I promise there will be no more Machete posts...
for a little while.

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