Thursday, August 18, 2016

1/100 RX-78-2 VER 3.0

I have been busy, like really busy, After thw White glint I took 2 weeks off modeling, I ended up a little burned after that one, and I wanted to do a kit that I really wanted to do, I started with the 1/48 AT-ST by bandai, but I decided I wanted to do decals, and, it is star wars so Aurubesh decals were needed, I had to create some, that project was delayed, then I returned to the VF-0C but I ran out of mate black, another project postponed, then i decided to do the 1/100 astray red frame, and my very first commission ever arrived:

This is a commission for a friends friend, he wanted the Gundam assembled fast because it was a gift for someone else, so I had only week and a half to do this, totally doable without any fancy stuff, and that's what I did, an almost out of the box assembly with a little paint here and there, my very first miniskirt mech, and I must say, it was a fun build.

Most people think I hate Gundam because of the name of this blog, but there is nothing farther from the truth, I like gundam, allot, I just don't like the designs of robots with miniskirts, I find most of the mechs generic, not my cup of tea.

This Gundam was allot of fun, the articulation is excellent, everything is planed so you can recreate the most iconic poses on the show, color separation is excellent, if you like the colors molded on the runners, painting is not necessary, the molding it's not that good, allot of panel lines need to be re-scribed, the arms can come off very easily, and the shoulder armor goes off position every time you move an arm, the m,jor flaw for me is that it comes with stickers, like I have said before, Bandai should include both, the stickers and waterslides in ALL their models, specially on the MG, RG, and PG lines.

One cool thing it's the it includes both, the core, and the core fighter, the hands are like some voodoo magic or something, the way they are molded is impressive, but, they are extremely fragile they will end up in little pieces if you breathe close to them, rest of the accessories are an ugly rifle, a boring shield that I managed to do some battle damage to it, a bazooka, and two beam sabers, I´m a sucker for swords so, the sabers are my favorite weapon of this kit.

Overall, this is an impressive kit, everything fits very well, the color separation is impressive, it comes with two shades of blue, gray and red, three shades of white, yellow and some clear parts, and although I find this design boring, building it the father of all Gundams was very fun, the weapons and the stickers are the low point of this kit.


I just finished the AT-ST, and I'll upload some pics as soon as possible.

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