Friday, August 26, 2016

An old and overused 1/48 AT-ST

Here it is, the Bandai 1/48 AT-ST

The kit is a very simple one, it comes all in gray, with the exception of chewy and the stand both molded  brown, right out of the box is designed to be posed in a boring standing position, making the articulation very poor but, by trimming a few pieces you can have a better articulation, this is something even a beginner modeler can do without damaging the kit, so there is no biggie there.

The detail is good, nothing too complex, so I guess it is a good offering of an AT-ST one that screams to be modified to look awesome.

I didn´t did what I really wanted with this kit, I don't have the skills or the tools to create and modify the pieces I wanted, so decided to go for a veteran World War II tank-like look.
( I wanted to add some Ewok Roadkill to the base among other things)

So I modified the joints to allow wider articulation, after that, I painted the interiors and pilots, then I added light to the interior, painted some parts on german gray, others in metallic gray and some others in gun metal.

I printed my own waterslides decals (I'll post the file for the waterslides as soon as I figure out how) then I added some rivets (allot) I did some battle damage, flat coated, panel lines and dirt, rust, mud and burnt marks, another flat coat and voila...

I forgot to take more pictures of the interiors, I'll update the gallery as soon as possible

Overall I liked this kit, right out of the box is a simple boring gray kit with good detail, but If you are willing to work on it, it has allot of potential, you can paint it in some camo pattern, or modify it, add details, lights and weapons, the sky is the limit.


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