Wednesday, May 15, 2013

VF-25 & Tornado Pack

I found this cool picture of the diferences on the wings, as you can see the Normal vf-25 has a more delicate and very fragile pieces on the wings,the tiniest is the one that suports all the weight, armoured versions also come with this fragile system, that is one of the main reasons I've nbever transformed my Armoured VF, I'm afraid that with so much weight making preasure on that little and fragile piece it will break, and once that part is broken, the game is over for transformations.
One thing that Bandai did well on the Tornado Pack is changing this, before, there were 4 pieces involved on this mechanism, now there's only 3, making all the small pieces into one, I haven´t asseble them together because the decals have to be aplied first, so I dont know if they look as good, or if they work as well as the old ones, but so far this is a welcome change.

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