Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Work in progress (VF 25f tornado messiah Pt3)

I think this will be the one of the last updates on my VF-25f tornado messiah, all the main units are assembled, and panel lined the only thing left is aplying the w2aterslide decals, the clear coa and maybe some weathering and paint chiping, but first things first.
I finaly finished the "main" unit, clear coated the wings to prevent the waterlide decals to be damaged by the friction.
on my last post I gave an example of one of the few changes on the construction, I didn´t knew how it will work and how this changes will look, well it works great, way better than the old fragile pieces, but it doesn´t look as great, I dont know why bandai didnt molded the pieces in white thoug.

the gunpod: 

After the gunpod the only thing left to do was to paint some pieces for the tornado pack, I decided to pain them all in one go.

then the assembly of the tornado pack and the panel lines. 

some detail on the turbines for the wings 

Outtake tornado pack 

Ive had problems with almost all the pieces of this build, but the tornado pack is very simple and well made, everithing fits great! 

Im very pleased how the missile pods/corncubs turned out.

Finaly al the "units" jsut waiting for the waterslides and the clear coat 

I think you wont see an update for this build in a while, first I have to decide if I´ll do a clear flat or semi gloss coat, and some weathering.

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