Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Work in progress (VF 25f tornado messiah Pt2)

Ok, time for a new update on the VF-25f tornado, so far this has been an interesting kit to build, almost every single part you build will require some extra time, far from perfect in so many ways.

I wasn't able to do alot this week, mainly because I had to paint most of the pieces, like the hole lower leg inner frame, I painted it while still on the runners, that was a waste of my time, you can only see one side of it, the other side will be covered by the armour, this was my mistake, I have done 2 macross frontier kits before this one, I knew that side of the frame will never be seen, why I painted it? I guess I'm stupid, there's no other reason, a waste of time and money, once I realized this, I felt even more stupid because  I could have painted parts that need to be painted, like the armour on the back of the leg, that part is actualy made from two separate parts, with a samller one with a hole on it, both pices come in a light gray, but when you see the manual and reference pics, a good part of this armour must be in a darker gray, so I painted ir along with some estra details, I also decided to experiment on this, I masked one part, the other one was still on the runner and I decided to do aply the paint whithout masking it.

As you can see on the pic below the diference is not noticeable, if anything I spended more time on the masked one, because in both I had to correct some minor details, but I spended extra time masking the one on your right. 

Some extra detail with the dark gray, the metallic red was painted with a gundam marker. 

Here are the "finished" legs, on theese you can see some of the paint job on the inner frame.

So, I started with the main body and the wings; I was gona paint the under side of the main body, but that would be alot of work that you'll arely see, so I decided to only do some panel lines on it. 

also painted the midle chest piece. 

Finally Im working on the wings,and the fins, I painted those because the red has a two part decal, that wraps around the small spikes on the back of the fins, I tried that decal on the VF-25s armored, with very ugly results, so this time I painted it, and it looks way better than the decals provided by bandai, I became aware that the red  I used is alot darker than the one on the water slides, I hope it doesnt look that much once it's clear coated. 

I wasn´t gona do anything on the wings, because I thought this kit was gonna be like the armored VF-25, with wings over wings, obviously you can't see any detail on the "main" wings on that one, but on the tornado kit the under wings do show a little, so I guess I'll have to aply some water decals and clear coat them ahead of the rest of the valk.
But that´s for the next post, I guess.

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